Samir doughty decommits?


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Oct 3, 2010
This kid has made a decision to de-commit from St. johns. But why? There is no other player that is currently on the redstorm roster that plays his position (SG); I see nothing here but space and opportunity for him. There is not another major conference team currently providing this opportunity for him. Maybe he felt like he was not a priority? He could have made sure he was a priority when he stepped on campus and competed in practice. Oh well, I wish him the best. I cannot wait to see where many of these transfers end up.

I could be wrong but ........Why is it so scary for young men to take free education and compete for the notoriety in which they seek? It seems like everything must be given prior to suiting up. "I need to know that I will be starting" , "This coach wants me more than that coach" and my favorite "I want to play right away as a freshman". Just put your ego aside and compete harder than anyone else in practice and in the classroom, and good things are sure to follow.


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Mar 8, 2005
yeah that's a big loss, along with brandon sampson and losing out on diallo. there are also transfers too with adonis and myles stewart gone. but this can't be unexpected as mullin wasn't the one who recruited these guys. mullin definitely is playing a different kind of game than lavin did. mullin is going for the traditionally big players, 6'6 and above, while lavin went with smaller, faster athletes. with adonis' academic issues, i wonder how good that kid would have been anyways. losing some of these new incoming recruits for '15 is big though as most of these kids had already committed elsewhere. not much left to bring in, but they do need some guards